About Zediss



Established in 2005, Zediss Group is a business enterprise that focuses on the Products and Service industry, especially in the domains of Healthcare, Real Estate, Plastics, Herbal Products, and Merchandising of polymers.


At Zediss Group, under its visionary leadership by Founder Chairman Mr Bassam Mohammed, started off with the production of footwear in Kerala through one of its more recognized brand name of ‘Eva PU’.  Since its inception the company has focused further on expansion to other growing sectors and building successful business ventures.


With Zediss Group launching its international office in London, UK,  the company is going globally.


Building on our accomplishmnets in Kerala we are now developing our dominence in the fields of holistic healthcare services and plastics manufacturing.  Even though, a host of subsidiary industries make the whole of Zediss Group;  our commercial enterprises  range from lifestyle products to healthcare services.


Our recent brand extension Zediss Herbals, which comes under Zediss Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.  is an online distribution unit of herbal products through its web portal zedissherbals.com. The portal  will serve its global consumers with worldclass herbal products for health and beauty treatments.


Despite its wide diversification, the group is bound by a corporate philosophy to deliver nonparelel service to its customers adhering to the commitments we promise.



Zediss Philosophy


We are strongly driven by our commitment towards society. This dedication is constantly conveyed  in our interactions with customers, employees and business associates. By  this guiding principle , the group is driven to surpass utmost quality and novelty in all our products and services. 


Maintaining a global focus on growth and expansion, the team at  Zediss incessantly push ourselves to bring in more value to our customers. We constantly endeavour in enhancing the human experience through our life products, namely, Ayurvedic and lifestyle products, and plastics.


Innovation is our keyword. For which we believe in being trendsetters and not just followers of any trend.




Our mission is to create affordable, high-quality, cutting edge products and services catering to a cosmopolitan demographics.




We endeavour to be known for our global standards in products and services, while never losing spot of our societal allegiances.




 News & Events
  • First International Office

    Zediss Group launched its first international office, a UK incorporated auxiliary office for Zediss Worldwide Ltd., in London this year.

  • Packaging Industry Ventures

    Zediss Plastics is all set to focus more on the packaging of Ayurvedic pharmaceutics and drinking water in Kerala by 2013.

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