Zediss Plastics Pvt. Ltd.



Founded in 2009 in Thrissur, Kerala, the leading rationale for Zediss Plastics Pvt. Ltd., has been to reckon with the growing need of plastics and packaging solutions of this day and after. The Company is located in Thrissur for its strategic geographical reach to anywhere in South India.


Through higher standards of blow moulding technique and customization processes, the company plans to embark more towards the packaging of Ayurvedic medicines and drinking water. The dynamic industry of packaging offers more challenges for the company to work on.  Especially in South India where we recognize a growing need for local packaging plants.


We, as a company had also been quick to understand that plastic products subjected to food safety measures and customizations, are of importance to stand apart in this laissez-faire economic system.


It is this acumen that has earned us the reliability from diverse industries such as Cosmetics, Food & Beverages, Paints & Solvents, Household Chemicals, Automotive Industry, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG Products and Packaged Drinking Water. The manufacturing and supply of PET Preforms, PET Bottles and PP Caps for packaged drinking water at cost-efficient prices has also become one of the hallmarks of Zediss plastics.










 News & Events
  • First International Office

    Zediss Group launched its first international office, a UK incorporated auxiliary office for Zediss Worldwide Ltd., in London this year.

  • Packaging Industry Ventures

    Zediss Plastics is all set to focus more on the packaging of Ayurvedic pharmaceutics and drinking water in Kerala by 2013.

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