Zediss Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.


According to the Zediss Group we believe that the greatest wealth is health. Zediss Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is an authentic and comprehensive venture that is dedicated to healthcare. A promotion of Zediss Group, Zediss Healthcare focuses on the propagation of the rich Ayurvedic way of wellness. Zediss Healthcare aims at a wholesome, state-of-the-art multi speciality Ayurvedic hospital to cultivate health conscious lifestyles among individuals.


Zediss Healthcare has been actively serving people in Bengaluru for the past three years. The guiding principle for the Ayurvedic hospital has been to enable  people to receive holistic service at an affordable cost.


Zediss Herbals, the soon to-be-launched online portal for Ayurvedic products will become a medium to connect the west with eastern holistic medicines. By honouring the ancient traditions of India, Zediss  is develoing  revolutionary  ayurvedic products and services for increasing longevity, vitality, rejuvenation, medicinal plant therapies, diet, exercise, yoga, massage, aromas, mantras, meditation and a whole lot of other lifestyle choices for personal development.


Zediss Healthcare is committed to sustain and develop ayurveda to enhance the quality of human life.








 News & Events
  • First International Office

    Zediss Group launched its first international office, a UK incorporated auxiliary office for Zediss Worldwide Ltd., in London this year.

  • Packaging Industry Ventures

    Zediss Plastics is all set to focus more on the packaging of Ayurvedic pharmaceutics and drinking water in Kerala by 2013.

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