Zediss Conglomerate Pvt. Ltd.


Having a group of diverse companies under common ownership and run as a single organization is no mean task. Right at the helm of the affairs is Mr Bassam Mohammed, the Founder Chairman, who oversees the workings of these distinctly different companies. The company under the conglomerate have already tallied up to six in number and sees in growing more in strength in future.


The Conglomerate forms the much needed firm grounding for the enterprise. It is the jugular vein for all its versatile holdings.


Zediss Conglomerate attends to the investment needs of its several companies. It invites partnerships through honorable attempts and believes in creating sustainable business ecosystems for other companies to strive as well.


Recently incorporated, the inspiration for its formation was the need of the hour, opines the Founder Chairman. As a parent company the Conglomerate looks after the overall functioning and well-being of its underlings; engaging in dialogues with investors, business associates and reaching out to its potential target audience. The conglomerate will also envision future businesses and alliances to further enhance the organizational goal.

 News & Events
  • First International Office

    Zediss Group launched its first international office, a UK incorporated auxiliary office for Zediss Worldwide Ltd., in London this year.

  • Packaging Industry Ventures

    Zediss Plastics is all set to focus more on the packaging of Ayurvedic pharmaceutics and drinking water in Kerala by 2013.

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