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Activated carbon, a fairly unheard product, has been one of the major merchandise for Zediss Worldwide Ltd.  Zediss Carbon is an aide brand to Zediss Worldwide Ltd. And its primary undertaking is the production, transportation and exportation of activated carbon to different parts of the world. 


The company is located strategically in the coconut heartland of India, Madurai, which ensures ready access to good quality raw materials. As a result, the company is able to deliver high performance activated carbon, in a smarter and quicker manner as per the industries’ demand. Quality is ensured through a system of checks and processes, beginning from the procurement of raw materials to shipping of the finished product to the end customer.


To talk more about the product, activated carbon is an absorbent that is widely employed for purification of liquids and gases. Yet the scope of this product affects our daily life in more ways than what we can perceive.


These chunks of high density carbon are utilized in an array of specific product-line such as water and gas purifiers, in gold purification, metal extraction and sewage treatment. Due to its desirable properties, activated carbon holds immense possibilities for its use in diverse industries- from automotive to health.







 News & Events
  • First International Office

    Zediss Group launched its first international office, a UK incorporated auxiliary office for Zediss Worldwide Ltd., in London this year.

  • Packaging Industry Ventures

    Zediss Plastics is all set to focus more on the packaging of Ayurvedic pharmaceutics and drinking water in Kerala by 2013.

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